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                  "Readers who enjoy historical fiction will find this book very compelling. Without giving too much away, the twist at the end was unexpected yet believable. You can tell the author did thoughtful research which enhanced the plot. Although the painting at the center of the story is not real, it seemed it could be, thanks to the details of the story."            

                Reviewed By Ruffina Oserio for Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews

                                (Reader's Favorite Book Reviews 5 Star Rating)

     A Republic's Rise by Clinton Aldrich is a tale with a strong appeal to fans of historical novels, especially those with a setting evolving around WWII.

    The author’s masterly storytelling enriches the reading experience in this darkly addictive story that launches with a strong and compelling premise.

     The tension escalates as the author weaves historical elements to provide the context within which the story takes place and keeps the focus on the characters, fleshing them out with skill and exploring a romance that evolves with the growing political tension.

     The German thirst for art, their hatred of the Jews, and the ensuing brutality that marked WWII is skillfully written. Romance, betrayal, and intrigue are strong elements that move this story forward and the author's detailed descriptions create a world that is vivid and captivating in a disturbing way.

     A Republic's Rise is a book readers will finish fast because they cannot stop reading, and the characters, as well as the world the author creates, will stay with them.                       

                         Jan 03, 2021Stephen J. Rated it 5 STARS on Goodreads

It was amazing. A compelling historical fiction page turner. Fast moving plot with several twists and turns. I Loved the intersection of art and history. A World War II novel is typically not my go to read. However once I started the novel I found compelling characters and a glimpse into a pre-Germany invaded Czechoslovakia with a rich Jewish community and its sub art culture. The plot and characters are quickly caught up in the war. People, places and communities will never be the same. This book is a great read.

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Good book.

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